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Welcome to Omega-Mail.

The last word in email convenience and the last time you'll ever have to change your email address!

Omega-Mail is a web-based program that allows users to login, check email, respond, or compose a message from any computer, anywhere at any time.

The program can be used from any computer connected to the Internet just by opening your browser. Or if you prefer, Omega-Mail may be setup in any email program such as Outlook or Outlook Express. You will notice we do not allow any annoying advertising to be pushed at you in this program and your security is protected by your login name and password.

If you should ever decide to leave our service for another provider or move up to higher bandwidth or cable connections, you may subscribe to this service for only $4.50 per month or if paid by the year, only $42.

For as long as you have your account with us, web messaging service is absolutely FREE!
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*Web Based E-Mail:
(This program allows you to send and receive email through a web browser when you cannot log into your email program due to traveling etc)